1.5 Meter VGA to 3-RCA component video cable (HD15/RGB to 3-RCA)

1.5 Meter VGA to 3-RCA component video cable (HD15/RGB to 3-RCA)

This cable is primarily used for connecting video projectors with Component-in capability through it's VGA port. It can only function with a VGA port that is either able to recieve or transmit Component signals (Y, Pr, Pb).

If connecting from a PC with VGA graphics card, the projector / HDTV you connect to needs to support VGA (RGBHV) signals on the component / YPbPr input if you are using a standard graphics card which outputs VGA (RGBHV) signals only. Most projectors do support this on the VGA / D-Sub input. Check your manual to confirm.

THIS CABLE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT YOUR COMPUTER'S VGA PORT TO THE COMPONENT INPUT ON YOUR HDTV unless your video card supports component out function through it's VGA port or alternatively the HDTV / projector supports the VGA signal on component input as mentioned above.

IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT YOUR COMPONENT VIDEO SOURCES TO A REGULAR COMPUTER MONITOR OR HDTV unless you monitor specifically has this capability. Most do not. (Please check the documentation for your computer monitor)

This cable will not convert RGBHV into Y, Pr, Pb.
This cable will not convert Y, Pr, Pb to RGBHV
This cable will not support Y, Cr, Cb.


- VGA(SVGA/HD15) Male
- (3) RCA Male( Red, Green, Blue)


Up to 1080i Resolution support
RG-59/U Cable
Gold Plated Connectors

RG stands for Radio Guide. It's a specification for types of Coaxial cables. It defines specs such as gauge and impedance. In this case, RG6 uses a thicker gauge than RG 59 and both are 75ohm

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