1.8 Meter Male DVI-D to DVI-D Male Dual Link Cable (Digital Cable only DVI-D)

1.8 Meter Male DVI-D to DVI-D Male Dual Link Cable (Digital Cable only DVI-D)

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is the standard interface for a high-performance connection between PCs and flat panel displays, digital CRT displays, projectors, and HDTV. The DVI-D Digital Cable delivers the high-performance, high-bandwidth interface needed for video displays of today while leaving headroom for the products of tomorrow.

These precision-engineered cables are fully compliant with the DVI standard defined by DDWG (Digital Display Working Group). The DVI-D dual link configuration provides enough bandwidth for resolutions up to 2560x1600 and allows high speed digital transmission up to 7.4 Gbps.

DVI does not carry audio and if this cable is used in conjunction with a HDMI cable audio will not be transmitted.

Specs & Features

Connector Type: DVI-D male to DVI-D male
Signal Type: Digital
Length: 1.8 Meter
Gauge: 28AWG
Pin Configuration: 24 + 1
Conductor Plating: None
Shielding level: Triple
Shielding type: EMI
1080p support: Yes
Bandwidth: Dual Link
Maximum Resolution: 2560x1600
Min Clock Freq: 21.76 Mhz
Max Clock Freq: 165 Mhz x 2
Max Thoroughput: 7.4 Gbps
Pixels per cycle 2:
Bits per Pixel 24:
DDWG Compliant: Yes
HDCP Compliant: Yes
ROHS Compliant Yes
UL Certified Yes
CL2 (In-Wall): No
VW-1: Yes
Voltage Rating: 30V
Temperature Rating: 80° C

*Due to continual efforts to make improvements to our products, all information is subject to change without notice. Items you receive may be different than described.


DVI Connector Pinout.svg
A female DVI-I socket from the front
DVI pinout.svg
Color coded (click to read text)
Pin 1 TMDS data 2− Digital red− (link 1)  
Pin 2 TMDS data 2+ Digital red+ (link 1)  
Pin 3 TMDS data 2/4 shield    
Pin 4 TMDS data 4− Digital green− (link 2)  
Pin 5 TMDS data 4+ Digital green+ (link 2)  
Pin 6 DDC clock    
Pin 7 DDC data    
Pin 8 Analog vertical sync    
Pin 9 TMDS data 1− Digital green− (link 1)  
Pin 10 TMDS data 1+ Digital green+ (link 1)  
Pin 11 TMDS data 1/3 shield    
Pin 12 TMDS data 3- Digital blue− (link 2)  
Pin 13 TMDS data 3+ Digital blue+ (link 2)  
Pin 14 +5 V Power for monitor when in standby  
Pin 15 Ground Return for pin 14 and analog sync  
Pin 16 Hot plug detect    
Pin 17 TMDS data 0− Digital blue− (link 1) and digital sync  
Pin 18 TMDS data 0+ Digital blue+ (link 1) and digital sync  
Pin 19 TMDS data 0/5 shield    
Pin 20 TMDS data 5− Digital red− (link 2)  
Pin 21 TMDS data 5+ Digital red+ (link 2)  
Pin 22 TMDS clock shield    
Pin 23 TMDS clock+ Digital clock+ (links 1 and 2)  
Pin 24 TMDS clock− Digital clock− (links 1 and 2)  
C1 Analog red    
C2 Analog green    
C3 Analog blue    
C4 Analog horizontal sync    
C5 Analog ground Return for R, G, and B signals


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