30 Meter HDMI to HDMI v1.4 Cable with Built-in Equalizer 24AWG - Gold Plated, High Speed, Supports up to 4K resolutions, 3D, Ethernet Channel

30 Meter HDMI to HDMI v1.4 Cable with Built-in Equalizer 24AWG - Gold Plated, High Speed, Supports up to 4K resolutions, 3D, Ethernet Channel

HDMI v1.4 cables are backwards compatible with all HDMI v1.0, v1.1, v1.2 and v1.3 devices and features the new specifications included with HDMI v1.4. For more information with regards to the HDMI v1.4 spec please see the full details at HDMI v1.4 Specifications. Actual image on the right might be different since cable molds change frequently. Cable molds still remain black PVC, Gold Plated with the HDMI v1.4 specifications below. This cable features a built-in HDMI Equalizer in the HDMI Head to ensure signal is amplified / boosted over the longer cable run. The cable functions uni-directional due to Equalizer built-in and must be connected as per cable indication from Input --> Output side marked on the cable.

Tested 100% with all common HDMI sources such as Multichoice HDPVR, Apple TV Player, Mvix (HDMI Version), Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, DVD players and Blu-ray Players on the SA market.

This CABLE is For:

- Any Device with an HDMI Interface (Backwards Compatible to HDMI V1.0)
- To Connect any BLU-RAY / HD DVD / Multichoice HDPVR to a display or Digital Receiver to provide Audio / Video travelling via the same cable for HD Video/Audio
- Connect your XBOX 360 / PS3 Gaming Console to a display / digital receiver with a HDMI interface (Provides > 1080p resolutions, specs below)
- To connect current DVD players with a HDMI interface to a display / digital receiver to allow upscaling of normal DVD resolution to 1080p

New HDMI v1.4 features

● HDMI Ethernet Channel
● Audio Return Channel
● 3D (For PC's rendering 2 x 1080p images to produce a 3D Effect)
● 4K Resolution Support - 4096 x 2160 pixels
● Content Type
● Additional Color Spaces

HDMI Ethernet Channel technology consolidates video, audio, and data streams into a single HDMI cable, combining the umatched signal quality and convenience of HDMI connectivity with the power and flexibility of home entertainment networking. It incorporates a dedicated data channel into the HDMI link, enabling high-speed, bi-directional networking at up to 100 Mb/sec.
HDMI v1.4 before and after Ethernet Channel

Specifications & Features

Connector Type: HDMI male to HDMI male
Connector: Oxygen Free Copper
Connector Finish: Gold, Superior Signal transfer
Gauge: 22AWG / 11-12mm width
# of conductors: 19
Shielding level: Triple
Shielding type: EMI
Supported Resolutions: Up to 4K resolutions (Exceeds 1080p resolution by more than 2x), 4096 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high.
HDMI Certified: Yes
HDMI Spec: v1.4
HDCP Compliant: Yes
CEC Compliant: Yes
ROHS Compliant: Yes
1.3 Device Compatible: Yes
Supports DVD Audio: Yes
Supports SACD: Yes
Supports TrueHD & DTS-HD: Yes
Overall Diameter: 11 mm

UL Specs

CL2 (In-Wall): No
Voltage Rating: 30V
Temperature Rating: 80° C

A technical guide on how to choose HDMI Cables & Equipment is available at Choosing the Correct HDMI Cables and HD Distribution Equipment. If you are not sure which items to purchase please send us an e-mail with requirements using the Contact form on the left under the Information section and we will select the correct products for you based on your requirements. To extend HDMI cables use the HDMI Coupler / Socket - Female to Female (Gold Plated Connectors)

Some sources / players do not produce an equalized HDMI signal and for coupling or extending HDMI Cable lengths beyond 15 meters we recommend that a HDMI Active Equalizer Extender / Repeater be used rather than a HDMI Coupler.

For lengths exceeding 25 meters and with conduit cable space restrictions we recommend either of the following products HDMI Extender CAT-5e / CAT-6 w/Tx + Rx (30m 1080p) or HDMI Super Extender CAT6 w/Tx + Rx (50m-60m 1080p)


Please check the HDMI Standards & Specifications section on our website to check what the different versions in HDMI offers regarding picture, sound quality, resolution, colour quality etc.

Please check the Home Entertainment Wiring Diagram section on our website for common uses of this cable and for alternative wiring options.

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