305m Cable Roll - CAT6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) 23AWG 1 Gigabit/s Cable

305m Cable Roll - CAT6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) 23AWG 1 Gigabit/s Cable

To terminate / crimp RJ45 connectors correctly onto UTP or STP cables use RJ45 / RJ11 Crimping tool for UTP / STP cables.

Unshielded RJ45 connectors at CAT6 Boots + Connectors (Set of 1 x Boot and 1 x RJ45 Connector).


● Telephony Voice Wiring
● 10 Base-T Ethernet Networking
● 100 Base-T4 Ethernet networking
● Gigabit Ethernet - 1Gb/s Speed over networks


Rated Temperature: 75º C
Conductor: 0.51mm
Insulation(±0.03mm): 0.18mm PE
Insulation Dia.: 0.91mm
Standard PVC or LSOH jacket
Outer Dia. (±1. 0mm): 12.5mm

Shielded cable needs to be used for Video/Audio TMDS channel on HDMI video and audio extenders to ensure improved syncing / stable signals. The DDC Channel on HDMI extenders can use UTP (Unshielded Ttwisted Pair), but in general UTP is not supported by manufacturer due to signal attenuation and interference from nearby EMI on audio and video. For networking CAT6e UTP can be installed up to 1Gb/s. This product is commonly used with our HDMI Extenders range :

HDMI Extender CAT5e/CAT6 w/Tx + Rx (30m 1080p)

HDMI 50m Extender CAT5e/CAT6e w/Tx + Rx (50-60m 1080p)

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