BMW & Mini Cooper iPod / iPhone / iPad Y-Cable Audio Aux Adapter iDrive Interface Cable - 30pin Ipad / Iphone to USB & 3.5mm audio

BMW & Mini Cooper iPod / iPhone / iPad Y-Cable Audio Aux Adapter iDrive Interface Cable - 30pin Ipad / Iphone to USB & 3.5mm audio

What is it? The BMW Y cable is for those who did not opt for the Enhanced Bluetooth facility- which for some reason enables the user to plug a standard iPad mini / iPhone cable directly into the USB port of their car forced to purchase an over priced  'Y' cable. This cable has the exact same function as the BMW Y-Cable part numbers below and 1/5 of the price. It is called a Y cable, as it splits from an Lightning connector to USB and Aux (3.5mm stereo jack)- thus using both ports in your arm rest. The cable has been tested on all BMW and BMW Cooper models up to 2013

Why does it need both ports? You need both ports because, the USB port allows the iDrive to read the music and display it to you on the screen. The interface is pretty good, allowing you to browse just as when using a USB stick. It is not, however, 100% compatible with iTunes match. Any music you have previously played, or chosen to download via your iPad mini / Iphone app will be available to play, but nothing else will be. I also experianced this limitation on gym equipment, so believe its more an apple problem, not offering the correct APIs to let older equipment work in a seamless way.

The Aux input comes into play once you find a song to play, and click play- which is when the music is streamed, over analog, through the aux input.

Installation instructions:

Please plug in the cable (USB and 3.5mm jack) first to the AUX on your BMW when the car is off, start your car then switch to AUX, then plug in your IPad mini / iphone. (do not plug your IPad mini / iPhone to the cable, before you plug the cable to your BMW) 

***Replaces BMW Part #61120440796 or 61120440812***

  • This cable connects to the usb and 3.5mm input found in the center console and will allow charging of the Ipod / Ipad and audio to be played from Ipad / Ipod to the car audio system via the USB & 3.5mm inputs.
  • Fits BMW and MINI COOPER MODELS with AUX and USB inputs and other cars having USB and 3.5mm inputs.
  • All BMW 1,3,5,6,7, X5 and X6 models (2007 and up)
  • All Mini Cooper R55, R56 & R57 (2007-2013)
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