Full HD 1080p Car Dashboard Camera / Car Accident DVR with LCD and 140 degree wide angle lense - IR Night Vision (including 8GB SDCard)

Full HD 1080p Car Dashboard Camera / Car Accident DVR with LCD and 140 degree wide angle lense - IR Night Vision (including 8GB SDCard)

Product Overview

  1. SD card slot
  2. Display Screen
  3. Emergency lock key
  4. Stand for position
  5. The speaker position
  6. IR light
  7. The Lens
  8. Power button
  9. The key
  10. Menu button
  11. “OK” button
  12. The mode button / long driveway offset by 5 seconds
  13. The next key
  14. USB interface


Before using this product please insert SD card, all the files will be saved in the SD card

  • To switch the Camera on / off you can just use the power button
  • When you insert the Car charger the camera will automatically boot, when the charger is unplugged or the car is switched off the camera will shut down automatically after 10 Seconds.
  • Recording function: Press the MODE key to switch to video mode
  • Video: recording standby, short press "OK button" for video, short press the "OK button" to stop and save the video files
  • Camera functions: Press the Mode button to switch to camera mode
  • Photo: photo stand, short press "OK button" to take pictures;
  • Playback functions: Press the Mode button to switch to playback mode
  • Playback: Playback mode, press the "key" or "under key" to select the file and press "OK button" to play the file plus / unlock functions
  • Lock: when recording press the "lock key", the current recording video will lock protection
  • Unlock: In playback mode to unlock through menu options

Video mode,

Press the "Menu key" to enter the recording menu


  • The video format (video picture quality when shooting): Set video resolution to either 1920 * 1080, 1440 * 1080, 1280 * 720, 640 * 480;
  • On / off switch
  • Motion detection: Close / Open: Off: When recording standby, DVR will not take any action / Open: When recording standby, when the object moves in front of the camera to automatically turn on video recording
  • Loop recording time setting: 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes
  • Implement segmented video recording time setting
  • Video sound: on / off
  • Lane Changing warning / collision warning: before the car changes Lanes, but also to set the sensitivity level.

Camera menu

  • Camera mode press the "Menu key" into the camera menu interface: the image size: 3M/5M/8M/12M (Megapixels)
  • Exposure: -2.0 to 2.0
  • When negative, the display will be dim / when positive back lightning will apply.

Playback Menu

  • Deletion: Delete individual or all
  • Lock / Unlock: Single or All
  • Thumbnail: Preview / Off
  • Volume: Key tone and Sound Settings
  • System Menu
  • First click on the "menu button" click "Menu key" to enter the system menu interface.
  • Automatic shutdown: within a set period of time without any operation enter automatic shutdown. Time can be set  to 1 minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes
  • Automatic off-screen: the screen saver time can be set from 1 Minute, 2 minutes or 3 minutes
  • Reset the system: to restore factory settings
  • Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Time set: Set Date / Time
  • USB Function: Removable disk / PC mode when connect to a PC
  • Infrared light: Off / On / Auto
  • Version information: view the current system version

Download file

Connected to a computer USB, select "HDD" in the mode option;"Removable Disk" symbol appears on my computer; Download files DCIM/100MEDIA folder.

Product Specifications

  • LCD screen size – 2.4 Inch High Definition display
  • Max Video Resolution – 1920 x 1080, FullHD
  • Video format – AVI
  • Max Resolution for Photos– 12 Megapixels
  • Photo Format – JPG
  • SD Card – Supports 4GB – 32GB - 8GB SDCard INCLUDED in PURCHASE
  • Infrared Night Vision – Supported
  • Microphone / Speaker – Internal
  • Battery – Built in rechargeable Battery
  • Power Interface – 5V DC / 1Amp
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