HDFURY 2 (or HDFURY 1) Optional USB Cable to HDFURY DC connector

HDFURY 2 (or HDFURY 1) Optional USB Cable to HDFURY DC connector

When using HDFURY 1 - Blue Edition - HDMI to VGA Converter or HDFURY 2 - Blue Edition - HDMI to VGA or YPbPr Component Converter you might require external power on HDMI cables lengths > 5 Meter.

The HDFURY units consumes very little power from source / player HDMI port, but some sources might not supply enough power from HDMI port and this external power adapter will be needed to externally power the HDFURY unit. If you connect the HDFURY unit to your display and source and the HDFURY LED is on, external power is not required.

This is the USB Power Cable and Wall charger specifically designed to meet the specific power requirements of the HDFury and HDFury 2. The HDFURY specs mention that the HDfury draws it's power directly from the DVI/HDMI line but that an optional +5VDC input is provided for HDMI cables that are over 5 meters (16 feet) or if the source device is unable to supply adequate power

- Provide REGULATED (+/- 5%) 5VDC power with 1000mA min DC current.
- Deliver the power through a small 0.65mm diameter center pin / 2.6mm outer diameter DC plug.
- Provide the correct polarity with 'plus' on the OUTER part of the plug and 'minus' (ground) on the small center pin of the DC jack.

This external HDFury powering option is only needed in one or both the following situations.

- The DVI or HDMI cable is using thin gauge copper wires and its length exceeds 5 meters (16 feet).
- The DVI or HDMI source is unable to deliver the 1000mA maximum current over its HDMI or DVI pin #14. This situation often occurs when HDFury is used with cheap DVD/HD players at 1080p60 mode.

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