HDMI to SDI (or HD-SDI) (x2) Converter - HDMI over Single Coaxial Cable / RG6U Transmitter up to 120 meter

HDMI to SDI (or HD-SDI) (x2) Converter - HDMI over Single Coaxial Cable / RG6U Transmitter up to 120 meter
This HDMI over single Coax Transmitter uses single 75Ω Coax cable, such as RG59 / RG-6U cable to extend the HDTV display up to 120 meters for 1080p. This item is a Transmitter only (HDMI to SDI) and needs an additional SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI to HDMI Video Converter Device (HDMI over Coax Cable / RG6U Receiver) ) to convert the signal back from SDI to HDMI to connect to your HDTV at the far end. The SDI to HDMI receiver at far end is not required if the signal needs to remain in SDI format for professional video broadcasting. The transmitter supports 2 x receivers (2 x SDI Outputs on the transmitter unit). It not only breaks the limitation of the HDMI cable transmission length,but also has more flexibility and convenience in cable construction. RG6U cable costs are very low compared to CAT6 / CAT7 networking cables. 64 or 96 Braid Full Copper RG6U or RG59 Coax cables are recommended for long distance installations.

The transmitter unit is equipped with a HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) connector as input and is capable of supporting DVI (digital visual interface) equipment when used with an HDMI to DVI Adapter, providing greater flexibility and options when integrating several home theater components.

This product offers solutions for residential consumers: HDTV retail and show site, HDTV, DVD and Projector factories, noise, space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.


● The transmitter unit has 1 x HDMI inputs and functions as a splitter as well with 2 x SDI Outputs
● One piece of 75Ω Coax cable can substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission.
● Transmission distance can be up to 120 meters for 1080p using Full Copper RG-6U Cable.
● Maintains highest HDMI single link video resolution 1080P/60Hz.
● Support digital video formats in Deep Color Mode at up to 12bits/color.
● Support full HDMI audio and video.
● Easy to install and simple to use.


● Video amplifier bandwidth : 340 GHz
● Max. Video output : 1080P/60Hz
● Color depth : 12 bit Max.
● Input TMDS signal : 1.2 Volts P-P
● Input DDC signal - 5 Volts P-P (TTL)
● HDMI input/output connector - HDMI type A 19Pin Link Connector / BNC Output Connectors to RG6U Cable
● Power supply : 5V DC/1A
● Dimensions( L x W x H) : 98.5 x 92.6 x 31mm

Installation Instructions

1. Connect the HDMI source device to the transmitter unit via HDMI cable.
2. Connect one 75Ω RG-6U Coax. cable between the output port of transmitter and input port of a receiver (Receivers from SDI to HDMI needs to purchased additionally as at SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI to HDMI Video Converter Device (HDMI over Coax Cable / RG6U Receiver) 
3. Connect the HDTV display HDMI input port to the receiver using a HDMI cable.
4. Connect the included 5V/1A DC power supplies to both the transmitter and receiver units.
5. Power on the output device first and the source device second.

Connection Diagram

HDMI to SDI - HDMI Over Coax RG6u Connection Diagram

Interface Specifications

HDMI to SDI - HDMI over Coax RG59 Specifications

HDMI Input



HDMI interface



HDCP 1.2

Video standard  


HDMI resolution


Max Data Rate


TMDS Signal


DDC Signal  


Cable length

≤5m(AWG26 HDMI1.3)

Video Format

24 bits/Deep color  30bits/Deep color 36bits

Audio Format

DTS-HD/Dolby-true HD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD

SDI Output

SDI Port


SDI Format

SD-SDI,HD-SDI,3G-SDI, Compliant with SMPTE-259/274/296/372/424/425/292

SDI Resolution

SD-SDI:480i 60Hz,576I50Hz,
HD-SDI:720P@50/60Hz 1080I@50/60Hz.1080P@2425@30HZ

SDI Connector

Standard BNC connector




SDI embedded  audio up to 8 chancels  

DC Level shifting


Signal Level


Return Loss

SD-SDI≤ 13db

Rise and Fall Time

SD-SDI :400ps~1500ps




≤0.2UI p-p

Video Format

Luminance/Chrominance (Y/C) Mixture

Audio Format

L/R stereo audio


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