Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter / Cable (Macbook Pro / PowerBook 9007/9008)

Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter / Cable (Macbook Pro / PowerBook 9007/9008)

The Mini-DVI connector is used on Apple computers as a digital / analog alternative to the Mini-VGA connector. Its size is between the full-sized DVI and the tiny Micro-DVI. It is found on the 12-inch PowerBook G4, Intel-based iMac, the MacBook Intel-based laptop, and the Intel-based Xserve. Mini-DVI connectors on Apple hardware are capable of carrying DVI, VGA, or TV signals through the use of adapters, detected with EDID (Extended display identification data) via DDC. This connector is often used in place of a DVI connector in order to save physical space on devices. Mini-DVI does not support dual-link connections and hence cannot support resolutions higher than 1920x1200 @60Hz.

Note!! 2009 and newer Unibody Macbook Pro laptops uses mini-Displayport ports. Type "mini Displayport" without the quotes in the Quick Find box on the left to find the correct cable if your Macbook uses mini-Displayport and not mini-DVI. Check the laptop manual to verify which is the correct cable to purchase.

The physical connector is similar to Mini-VGA, but is differentiated by having four rows of pins arranged in two vertically-stacked slots rather than the two rows of pins in the Mini-VGA.

This is a connector cable to convert from Mini-DVI to DVI Female. To connect to a DVI screen from the DVI Female use a male DVI to male DVI cable at 2 Meter Male DVI to DVI Male Dual Link Cable. To connect to a HDMI screen from the Female DVI port use a Male DVI to Male HDMI cable at 1.8 Meter - HDMI to DVI Cable HDMI 1.3 28AWG - (Gold Plated) .

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