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Infrared IR Eye Injection Kit For Long HDMI Cables


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Infrared IR Eye Injection Kit For Long HDMI Cables – To Control Player / Source from another room


The HDM IRK is a device that when added to a splitter or matrix, enables the user to control an HDMI source remotely,  from a location next to a TV connected the splitter. It uses the IR backward channel on the splitter to do this.

Connection & Set up:

The diagram below shows the recommended connection method.

Infrared IR Eye Injection Kit For Long HDMI Cables

IR Transmitter:

Connect the IR transmitter to a 3.5mm jack socket output on the splitter/ matrix.
Position the IR transmitter module in front of the source device, with clear line of sight to the source’s IR sensor window.

IR Receiver:

Position the IR receiver within clear line of sight of the position at which you will be using the source’a remote control. Uncoil the connecting cable.
The splitter/ matrix should already be connected to the TV with an HDMI cable.

IRK HDMI Adaptor

Disconnect the HDMI Cable from the TV an replace it with the IRK HDMI adapter.
Connect the HDMI cable to the IRK HDMI adapter.
Connect the IR receiver cable to the IRK HDMI adapter using the 3.5mm jack socket, Labelled ‘IR RX’.
Ensure the two-way switch is set to ‘IR’.

Pack Content:

1 x Infra Red receiver (marked RX) with 3.5mm jack
1 x Infra Red transmitter (marked TX) with 3.5mm jack
2 x HDMI Adaptor – with CEC/IR slider switch

 HDMI_IR (Infrared)_Injection_Kit_Sample_Diagram

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