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PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL Powered Converter – Composite / Yellow RCA video & Stereo audio

This converter will allow you to connect international NTSC standard players / sources to any PAL display. The converter also functions bidirectional (selectable via a switch) and can convert PAL sources to connect to NTSC display.


● AV (Yellow RCA / Composite video + Stereo Red/White audio) input for DVD player, set-box, VCR, Xbox game consoles and other devices using compsoite video.
● To achieve a single standard either PAL or NTSC video where different standard TV / video source region of use (such as the NTSC standard video equipment in PAL / SEMAM system regional user) PAL standard video products in NTSC / SECAM system regional user.
Use high quality Surge Protection plugs on your equipment to ensure unstable power from electrical wall socket / electrical surges will have less chance of damaging your equipment. a UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is highly recommended in all areas of your home or business where LCD’s, players and HDMI Equipment is installed.


VIDEO input : —————— Video signal input (480I/576I)
VIDEO output :—————– Video Output Interface (PAL / NTSC)
AUDIO in / out put :———– Stereo input and output interfaces
DC/5V in :———————- Power input interface, DC/5V
PAL-NTSC :——————— PAL and NTSC output selector switch
LED :—————————- Power indicator

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