Receiver Unit - HDMI Extender over LAN / IP Network Switches (Ethernet) - Unlimited Receivers possible

Receiver Unit - HDMI Extender over LAN / IP Network Switches (Ethernet) - Unlimited Receivers possible

Please note that these receiver units need to be used in conjunction with the HDMI over LAN transmitter at http://www.hdcabling.co.za/transmitter-unit-hdmi-extender-over-lan-ip-network-switches-ethernet-hdbaset-p-454.html

These HDMI over LAN / IP Units can use your existing network infrastructure in a building whether it is wired networking or wireless. > 100Mb/s networks is needed for wired distribution and wireless 300N networks with low latency is recommended when using wireless networking to distribute your HDMI signal.

You only need one transmitter per source / player and can connect an unlimited amount of receivers to your network switches and the transmitter will broadcast signal to all connected receivers. If the switches are managed it is recommended to setup different VLAN's to separate HDMI over IP traffic from other IP traffic on the network. The TX unit will broadcast on network to unlimited receivers. To limit the broadcasting to a specific set of ports on a switch or cascaded switches you need to configure a VLAN for Video & Audio which includes the Transmitter HDMI over LAN unit and all receiver units. A VLAN is not mandatory but recommended when limiting broadcasting traffic to specific ports or wired networks only. If a dedicated switch is installed for the video / audio then VLAN's are not needed.

The transmission distances via network switches is theoretically unlimited since each network switch or access point / router will reroute traffic to the next switch and signal will not be affected on longer distances or more network hops.

The Transmitter and Receiver HDMI over Network / IP unit can be directly connected to each other via a single CAT6e Cable without switches or networking equipment to send a signal up to 100m between source / player and display. Tested 100% with all common HDMI sources such as HDPVR, Apple TV Player, Mvix (HDMI Version), Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, DVD players and Blu-ray Players on the SA market.

HDMI over LAN / IP Network Switches

When connecting the transmitter and receiver use the CAT5e Shielded Twisted Pair Cables at CAT5e Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) 350Mhz ISA/IEC 11801 Cable or CAT6 STP Cables at CAT6e STP Full Copper Solid Core Ethernet Cable. CAT5e FTP / STP depending on quality of cable (Full Copper cables) can be installed for resolutions up to 1080p depending on color depth, refresh rates & equipment signal quality, but only recommended up to 720p/1080i. For 1080p transmissions full copper CAT6e FTP / STP or CAT7 SSTP are required when connecting the transmitter and receiver directly to each other without networking switches.

Please ensure cables are terminated according to 568A or 568B standard as in diagram below depending on CAT5e / CAT6 STP cable type and properly grounded via the ripcord wire inside STP cables. Grounding the cable will also ensure better protection against voltage spikes. STP cables shields better against nearby EMI.

STP or UTP 568B Termination/Crimping Standard 

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