SATCR / Unicable LNB with Two Additional Legacy Ports For DSTV Explora / HDPVR's / Single View / Dualview Decoders (4 + 2 Legacy port)

SATCR / Unicable LNB with Two Additional Legacy Ports For DSTV Explora / HDPVR\'s / Single View / Dualview Decoders (4 + 2 Legacy port)

SATCR LNB's transmit all horizontal and vertical frequencies via a single cable. These LNB's are also referred to as Unicable LNB's. This eliminates the 4 x RG6U cable clutter when installing a sattellite receiver e.g HDPVR which requires either a Quad LNB / 4 cables, Dual LNB / 2 cables and Multiswitch with 4 additional cables or a single SATCR and single RG6U Cable from LNB to HDPVR.

This LNB features 2 additional legacy ports as well to connect 2 x additional single view decoders or HDPVR 2p onto the same LNB together with HDPVR connection onto SATCR port.

A member of the innovative and award winning Unicable (single cable solution) LNB series this product will enable the connection of up to 6 single tuner decoders / STB's using 2 cables only or alternatively up to 4 decoders / STB's using only one cable (providing STBs are Unicable enabled). It is supplied with 1 splitter unit included for a flexible distribution of the signal at home. It is ready for High Definition transmissions and provides excellent Noise Figure performance. Manufactured to the highest industry quality standards and designed to meet strict specifications, this LNB is an ideal solution for any satellite broadcast reception.

LNB's are mounted on Satellite dishes and connected to set-top boxes e.g Multichoice DSTV Decoders or TopTV Decoders. Depending on your current satellite receivers you may either need a 1 Port, 2 Port, 4 Port, 8 Port or SATCR / Unicable LNB. Example diagram below for this product.


Low Band Input Frequency Range

10.7~11.7 GHz

LO Frequency

9.75 GHz

High Band Input Frequency Range

11.7~12.75 GHz

LO Frequency 10.6 C+Hz
LO Initial Accuracy +/- 1.0 MHz
LO Temperature Drift +/- 2.5 MHz
LO Phase Noise @ 10K Hz -90 dBc/Hz max.
SCR Conversion Gain 57 dB min.
Legacy Conversion Gain 55 dB Min.
Gain Variation +/- 0.75 dB/ 27 MHz
Image Rejection 40 dB min.
1 dB Compression Point (O/P) 0.0 dBm min.
Cross-pole Isolation 20 dB Min.
O/P VSWR 2.5 : 1
Output Impedance 75Ω (F-type)
IF Channel bandwidth 60 MHz
Output IF Channel 1 (SCR0) 1210 MHz
Output IF Channel 2 (SCR1) 1420 MHz
Output IF Channel 3 (SCR2) 1680 MHz
Output IF Channel 4 (SCR3) 2040 MHz
Channel isolation 20 dB Min.
Legacy ports 2
SCR's Control Signals DiSEqC command extension based on EN-50494
Legacy Switch Voltage Control <14.2 (V) ,  >15 (H) Volts
Legacy 22k sensitivity 220 mV [min.]
DC Power 250mA@13.5V
Working Temperature - 30°C~ + 60°C
 Weight   350g


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