Wifi or LAN to HDMI or VGA Converter for Screen Mirroring of Smartphone, Tablet or PC with DLNA, Miracast, Conferencing, Media Player / Streamer support

Wifi or LAN to HDMI or VGA Converter for Screen Mirroring of Smartphone, Tablet or PC with DLNA, Miracast, Conferencing, Media Player / Streamer support

This product will allow you to transmit High Definition content by wireless network, LAN, Miracast, USB and acts as streaming server or player which allows you to view any PC / Mobile phone or Tablet information on a VGA or HDMI HDTV or Projector. At the same time it also supports playback and sharing of multimedia files.

Ideal for Training if multiple trainers need to display content on a single screen, Call Centre Displays with multiple segments of information on a single projector display, it can stream and mirror content from multiple PC's or tablets onto a single display divided up to 4 segments.

The Device can function as:

1.) Media Player and play content from USB, Micro-SD or Internal Memory.
2.) Can Stream Content from Android / IOS / Windows or MacOS devices via Wi-Fi / Wireless Network and display it to device connected HDTV or Projector, both VGA and HDMI Displays or projectors are supported.
3.) Function as Wireless Access Point if no network infrastructure in place and does not need additional Wi-Fi Network.
4.) Device can mirror the display from any Windows or MacOS device via the Ethernet / LAN Connection (device acts as 2nd mirrored display from PC) and will allow to split a PC screen across multiple buildings / long distances if device and PC connected to the same network.
5.) Device can act as a Miracast receiver to enable Tablets and Smartphones with Android 4.2.1 and Windows 8.1 or greater with Miracast support to mirror display to enjoy movies, games, applications etc wirelessly on a large screen projector or HDTV. Miracast range is up to around 15 meter depending on Tablet Wi-Fi range.
6.) Device can mirror the display from any Windows or MacOS devices (acts as second display) via a direct micro-USB to USB cable connected (Cable not included with device).

Setup Summary (refer to detailed manual on device drive partition for additional info). Manual also available for download at Device Manual

If device is by default in another language select options: Main Menu --> Settings (last Line Item /icon) --> System  (First Line Item ) --> Language (Second Line item) --> Scroll with IR remote and choose "English".


To Configure device:

1.) Connect device as per picture below to network or wireless network
2.) Connect device via USB to PC by using a micro-USB to USB Cable (Not Supplied with Product and can be purchased at 1 Meter micro-USB to USB Data Cable if USB connection required). Any Smartphone or tablet micro-USB to USB charging / data cable can also be used if you have an existing cable
3.) Device will mount as additional drive with applications to install and user manual also available on device drive.
4.) Install EZView_Win from device drive to setup extended display Driver
5.) Install EZ_USB from device drive to Enable to mirror display via direct USB to Device

To Install EZView_Win Application on Tablet or Smartphone connect to Device interface by using any browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. Type device IP address into browser and you will be presented with the screen below. Device IP address if unknown can be obtained by selecting Main Menu-->Display-->LAN on the device.

DLNA / Streaming Wifi Device Browser Interface

To Control device via Wi-Fi with IR Remote download and install EZ Control via the links provided as above.

To stream to device via Wi-Fi from Android or Apple Tablet or Smartphone, PC, Mac)

1.) Setup Wi-Fi for device on network or setup device as direct Wireless Access Point under Main Menu --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
2.) On Device Select Main Menu --> Display --> Wi-Fi.
3.) Open EZ View on PC, Tablet or other device. Device will be detected.
4.) Tap or click on device in EZ View and enter Password as per device Wi-Fi Display settings to connect.
5.) Device can view Photos, Documents, Mirror Tablet or Smartphone Camera to HDTV or projector display & Videos over Wi-Fi and can also split screen into multiple segments, up to 4 segments and each can view a different content  from up to 4 wireless devices. Videos with audio can only be viewed in single segment mode.

To Mirror Display via LAN from PC or Mac

1.) On Device Select Main Menu --> Display --> LAN
2.) Open EZ View on PC or Mac connected to Network
4.) Click the specific segment from 1-4 you want to mirror the current PC display to. Multiple PC's can connect and display different content from the 4 different PC's per segment.
5.) Up to 4 segments can be independently displayed from 4 different PC's. Sample picture below. Videos can be played independently in any segment but if audio required on a video the device must be set to 1 segment.


To Mirror Tablet or Smartphone display via Miracast (Miracast is supported on Android 4.2.1 and Windows 8.1 Tablets or above)

1.) Main Menu --> Display --> Miracast
2.) Enable Screen Mirroring on Tablet or Smartphone and type in code as per device Miracast display option to start screen mirroring from tablet or smartphone.

To Mirror PC display via USB Cable

1.) Select Main Menu --> Display --> USB Display (Max resolution via USB Display is 1024 x 768)
2.) Run EZ USB application from PC to mirror PC display to projector or VGA / HDMI display the device is connected to.

To Display USB or Micro-SD Content on Device

1.) Insert Flash Drive, External Hard disk Drive or Micro-SD Card into Device USB Port
2.) Select Main Menu --> Media --> Internal Memory, USB or Memory Card. Browse for any content to play directly from device to projector or HDTV connected.

DLNA / uPnP Player - To Stream Movies, Photos or Video from Media Server on the LAN

1.) Select Main Menu --> Display --> Mobile
2.) Choose "Player". Device will search for available media servers on the network and you can play content via EZ Remote on tablet or via IR Remote supplied with the device.

DLNA / uPnP Renderer - To Stream Movies, Photos or Video from the Device to Players on the network.

1.) Select Main Menu --> Display --> Mobile
2.) Choose "Renderer" and then "On", Message showing DMR=On will be displayed.
3.) The device and all content on USB  Hard drive or micro-SDCard connected to device can now be streamed to any player on the network via a DLNA / uPnP Player such a Blu-ray Player or DVD Player with DLNA or uPnP Support or Tablet or Smartphone with BubbleuPnP, Skifta or any other DLNA Software installed.

Device Recommended Requirements -  See Manual at links provided above

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