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Transmitter ONLY – HDMI over Ethernet LAN Matrix Extender with IR and ID Selection – Supports TCP/IP & IGMP Protocols up to 16xN Matrix

This product delivers reliable HDMI transmission over any 100Mbit/s and higher bandwidth network or 1:1 Transmitter/Receiver connection via CAT5e/CAT6 and enable matrix functions through Ethernet switches which supports IGMP. It has the functionality to support up to 16 Transmitters on the same network and 16 receivers which corresponds to a maximum 16xN Matrix switching HDMI Display Distribution. The unit supports TCP/IP and is configurable via a web browser. Easy and simple to build a video network matrix with stability and anti-interference capabilities. Widely applied in the fields requiring full HD, such as advertising business, product show, CCTV, Video Distribution, Conferance rooms etc. A Gigabit (1Gbps) Network switch needs to be used with this product since 10/100 Network Switches may have insufficient bandwidth depending on resolution used on this product higher resolutions may not work on 10/100Mbps switches.

Note that this is the Transmitter ONLY and must be used with Receivers as below:

Receiver ONLY – HDMI over Ethernet LAN Matrix Extender / Splitter – Supports TCP/IP

Connection Example via LAN Switch – Multiple TX’s and RX’s units on one switch

Transmitter ONLY - HDMI over Ethernet LAN Matrix Extender / Splitter - Supports TCP/IP

  • HDMI source device (computer graphics card, DVD,PS3, HD monitoring equipment, HDPVR etc)
  • Displays or projectors with HDMI port.
  • 100Mbit/s minimum Ethernet LAN switch with IGMP or IGMP snooping function.
  • UTP/STP cat5e/6 cable (STP Recommended)
  1. Assemble cat5e/6 network cable. Follow IEEE-568B standard for crimping and termination of RJ45 connectors
  2. Set IP and MAC address of TX and RX units, please refer to EDID Selection section to change IGMP groups / TX-RX Combination groups.
  3. Check if IGMP function of LAN switch is enabled. IGMP/IGMP snooping must be enabled through LAN switch network management. Make sure the switch support IGMP/IGMP snooping function when purchasing it. The LAN switch network management setting is different from different manufacturers. Contact your LAN switch supplier to consult how to enable IGMP function.

Transmitter ONLY - HDMI over Ethernet LAN Matrix Extender / Splitter - Supports TCP/IP

Note: The IR receiver or transmitter needs to be as close as possible to the IR receiver of the HDMI source device. The TX unit receives IR commands from RX to control the source.

IGMP group chosen and front display instructions

1.Button usage instructions

  • Short press: Press to set IGMP group and display the setted value. Product switches automatically to the corresponding IGMP group 5 seconds after pressed.
  • Long press:Press and keep 3 seconds to reset the product, only for software.It will not restore system specification to factory setting.

Transmitter ONLY - HDMI over Ethernet LAN Matrix Extender / Splitter - Supports TCP/IP

2.Front display Selection

  • When RX and TX display is the same value, it builds corresponding IGMP groups (display groups from TX ID selected). RX will output the same signal with the matched TX. One TX can support 16 RX source signals at the most.
IP and MAC address setting

System module has equipped HTTP server. It can change system IP and MAC Address via webpage. Before building network matrix, the IP and MAC Address of TX and RX must be set and all TX and RX units must have different IP addresses AND different MAC Addresses. The principle is that, all the RX and TX in the same network matrix must be in the same network segment, the IP and MAC Addresses for these RX and TX must be different. TX and RX have a default IP address. TX is, RX is which can be customized for your network via a web browser. After the change, press the system reset button for 5 seconds {the small hole beside of HDMI port) to restore IP and MAC to default factory setting.

  • Do not mix up transmitter TX and receiver RX before installation.
  • Do not mix up IR blaster extension cable and IR receiver extension cable before installation.
  • Do not plug and unplug IR blaster extension cable and IR receiver extension cable with power on.
  • Use DC5V power supply only. Please make sure specification matched if using adapters not supplied by us.
  • Transmitter
  • DC 5V1amp x 2
  • Receiver IR eye
  • User Manual

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