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100 Meter Roll RG6u Coax RF Cable – LNB Cable 75 Ohm, 64 Braid – White

RG6/U Tri-shield is the minimum requirement under the latest Australian Standard for digital TV antenna cabling and for all TV antennas cabling for apartments / units (MATV). It is also used for the distribution of Cable TV (CATV) and Satellite TV (SATV) in residential or commercial premises. It features a copper-clad-steel inner conductor. Single-shield, dual-shield and tri-shield versions of RG6/U are available but do not provide adequate EMI shielding.

RG6/U type cables have lower attenuation characteristics than RG59 cable and therefore are suitable for transmission applications of about 200 to 300 meter (depending on source signal strength).

Various cable end connector types are used with RG6U cables including F-Type connectors as below

Twist-On F Type / F Connector (Use with RG6U Coax cables)

Barrel F Connector / F Type Compression Connector

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