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HDMI Port Saver 90 Degree – HDMI Male to Female Adapter


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HDMI Port Saver 90 Degree – HDMI Male to Female Adapter

Use a HDMI Port Saver to save your time and efforts in your cable setup! Our 90 Degree HDMI Port Saver (Male to Female) gives you the flexibility you’ll need without risking of bending your HDMI cables! The 90 degree port savers are ideal for the XBox 360 when plugging / unplugging the Xbox connector and HDMI port to direct the HDMI cable away from the Xbox connector. It can also be used on any other HDMI device.

These connectors are also commonly used to protect the port of your display device if you tend to plug / unplug your HDMI cables frequently. The port on the Port Saver will wear out in time because of plugging/unplugging cables but your LCD / Plasma expensive HDMI port will be protected.

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