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Mini DisplayPort 1.2 Coupler / Joiner / Gender Changer Cable Female to Female Ports


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Mini DisplayPort 1.2 Coupler / Joiner / gender Changer Cable Female to Female Ports – Mini DisplayPort 4k / UltraHD with HBR2 support

This cable will change a mini-displayport male cable to a female mini-displayport connector.

Mini-Displayport is found on most Apple Macbook’s after 2008 e.g Unibody Mac and some other devices. Mini DisplayPort is a miniaturized version of DisplayPort, a digital display interface developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

Most cables from a mac display cannot be disconnect from the display and has a male mini-Displayport at the end of the cable. Use this coupler cable to convert the male end of the cable to a female mini-DP port to allow plugging of a male mini-DP cable to the other end of the cable.

This Mini Displayport coupler will allow you to connect the male ends of two Mini Displayport cables in order to make one longer cable. This is a straight type coupler cable that will work great for most standard applications. Do not exceed the recommended distance of 5m on mini-DP cables to ensure maximum resolutions can be achieved.

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