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Price per Meter | XLR 3 Core / Screened Microphone Cable


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Price per Meter | XLR  3 Core / Screened Microphone Cable 

This high-quality insulated cable is ideal for use with live or studio microphones. The XLR cable has excellent transmission properties required for many professional audio applications. Engineered for a reliable sound, the XLR cable features semi-conductive PE insulation for excellent performance characteristics. This microphone cable features a PVC sheath which offers an excellent standard of flexibility over a wide temperature range. This helps protect the cable from damage by twisting and bending. As such, the cable is suitable for use in most professional and heavy-duty applications.

As well as being flexible, this cable provides a high level of screening compared with a conventional braid, with low handling noise; they are ideal for audio, microphone, and instrumentation applications.

Please note: Phone specific store Centurion or Boksburg store  on which colour is available on cable.


  • Tinned annealed copper cores
  • Semiconducting thermoplastic insulation
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket

Cable Specifications:

  • Sheath: 1.3 mm
  • Core Diameter: 2 x 0.23 mm
  • Cable Diameter: 6.35 mm
  • Weight: 46 Kg/Km
  • Conductor Resistance: 105 Ohm/Km
  • Resistance Screen: 25 Ohms/Km

This multicore microphone cable can be soldered to standard jack and XLR connectors to make custom audio cables that can connect microphones and instruments to mixers or amplifiers. This high-quality audio cable is suitable for; Live stages and theatres Professional studio setups.

The Connectors and Tools below are commonly used with this cable:

3 Pin XLR Male Connector | Solder-on Connector | Metal with Black Sleeve

3 Pin XLR Female Connector | Solder-on Connector | Metal with Black Sleeve

Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper Multi-Function Hand Tool – Cutter, Stripper, Crimping Tool

Universal Cable Stripping Tool (RG59 / RG6u, UTP/STP and Telephone Cable)

Wire Stripper – Easy Stripper for Network Cable UTP / STP and Coax RG cables

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