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Price per Meter | RG59 Coax Cable | SDI & CCTV Cable


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Price per Meter | RG59 Coax Cable | SDI & CCTV Cable

RG-59 flexible coaxial cable is 75 ohm cable and often used for VHF/UHF receive applications, television and cable applications.

RG59 cable can also be used to make up an Serial digital interface (SDI) cable. Using this RG59 cable together with the adapter below to make a Serial digital interface SDI cable

Male BNC Crimp Connector

  • Solid polythene insulated 1/0.6mm copper clad steel conductor, braid screened.
  • PVC Black sheathed overall.
  • Nominal outside diameter : 6.15mm.
  • Inner diameter : 1/0.64mm
  • Capacitance : 68pF/m.
  • Nominal attenuation (10m) : 1.3dB at 100MHz
  • 1.9dB at 200MHz
  • 4.6dB at 1000MHz.
  • Maximum RF working voltage : 3.5kV peak.
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