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6 Pin RJ12 Connector | 6P6C Crimp-on


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6 Pin RJ12 Connector | 6P6C Crimp-on

RJ12 6 Pin Connector which can be crimped onto a 6core or more wire for telephony

Difference Between RJ11 and RJ12

RJ12 is a 6P6C wiring standard. This means that there are also 6 wires that are terminated in the connector, occupying all the available slots.

RJ11 is a 6P4C wiring standard and only has four wires connected and the remaining two slots are no longer used. Because of this, you would need to pay close attention to the cables that you are utilizing as cable used four RJ11 might not be suitable for RJ12, even if they look identical.

The crimping tools below can be used to terminate / crimp this adapter onto a 6 core wire

RJ45 / RJ11 / RJ12 Crimping Tool (For UTP and STP ethernet cables)

Ratchet RJ45 Network Cable Crimper Tool – Supports RJ11 / RJ12 Combo Strip and Crimping

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