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Serial DB9 RS232 to 9pin DB9-M2 / Serial RS232 to RS485 Adapter | Screw-in


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Serial DB9 RS232 to 9 pin DB9-M2 / Serial RS232 to RS485 Adapter | Screw-in


  1. Screw terminal for all 9 pins for RS232 Protocol or RS485 Communication based on custom wiring diagram
  2. Screw terminal suitable for wire size from 0.05mm2 (30awg) to 2.0mm2 (14awg)
  3. Use for prototyping or permanent installation

MALE DB9 adapter / breakout board with 9 pins connected to screw terminal blocks, allowing simple and quick connections for prototyping or permanent installation. A Standard CAT6 or CAT5 or Communication Cable can be used from this adapter to RJ45 or RJ11 or whichever connector is required on the other side e.g Inverter, RS485 on Battery for monitoring / BMV.


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