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100 Watt Replacement LED COB Chip | Repair Floodlight

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100 Watt Replacement LED Floodlight COB Chip – FloodLight Repair – Cool White 6000K

How to Repair a LED Floodlight / Spotlight ?

Most LED Floodlights / Spotlights are basic units with only a power converter (LED Driver) that converts from 220 Volt to 15-34V DC and the LED Light (Also called LED COB (Chip on Board) or LED Reflector)

COB(Chip On Board) LED flood lights chips is composed by many small size LED chips. On most LED Floodlights one of these 2 components fail and really easy to repair than buying a new complete floodlight. Repair takes about 5-10 minutes. 

Dimensions of COB LED Light : 40mm x 40mm

100 Watt Replacement LED COB Chip | Repair Floodlight

You will need tools below to repair a LED Floodlight

  • Philips Screwdriver (Star Point Screwdriver) or Flat Screwdriver depending on screws used by casing on LED Floodlight
  • Soldering Iron optional to ensure wires are securely connected (Otherwise it can just be tied to LED Light Frame)
  • If the LED Driver (Power Converter) has failed and needs to be removed you will need Pliers to remove the power converter since it is attached to the casing mostly by using silicon.
  • If the LED Driver (Power Converter) has failed you need optional double sided tape or silicon to secure the new power converter against the casing.
  • Thermal Paste (Thermal Compound) which can be purchased from any PC retailer also used for PC CPU Heatsinks etc will be needed to ensure the COB Light can transfer heat to the casing and do not overheat. NOTE!!! If Thermal paste not used a LED Light will overheat and heats within a few seconds of usage. Incorrectly installed / overheated COB Lights will not be replaced as per Terms & Conditions.

Instructional Video to Repair LED Floodlights below

If your Floodlight is rated e.g 50 Watt and LED COB Chip size the same then this 100 Watt COB Light can be used and will provide a much brighter light. Please ensure your current LED Driver / Power Converter can provide 100W power otherwise use the one we sell as below.

LED Driver / Power Converter that can be used to power the LED COB Chip can be found below.

Replacement LED Driver | Power Converter for LED Floodlight

This LED COB Chip can be used to repair most LED Floodlights as below having a LED Chip size of 40mm x 40mm. 

100 Watt Replacement LED COB Chip | Repair Floodlight 100 Watt Replacement LED COB Chip | Repair Floodlight 100 Watt Replacement LED COB Chip | Repair Floodlight

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1 review for 100 Watt Replacement LED COB Chip | Repair Floodlight

  1. henk

    Works like a charm.

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