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30 Meter Passive VGA Extender over CAT5e / CAT6 – Balun RJ45 VGA


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30 Meter Passive VGA Extender over CAT5e / CAT6 – Balun RJ45 VGA

Passive VGA over CAT5/CAT6 Extender (1 Pair, 2 pcs)This Passive VGA extender kit is used to extend VGA over 30 meters or less Cat5, Cat6 or CAT7 cable.  Signal transmission distance is dependant on quality of CAT cable used, 30 meter rated on CAT7 Full Copper cable.

Passive VGA Extender over Network Cable Installation and Usage Video


2 x VGA Male to RJ45 female over CAT5/CAT6/CAT7 Cable
Use CAT6/CAT7 or shield CAT5 for the best performance
Can extend up to 30 meters (100ft)

Package Includes:

2 X RJ45 female to 15pin vga Male

Cheaper CAT6 CCA Ethernet Network Cable as below can be used with this extender but only to about 60% of the max distance indicated on extender. For Full Distance installations and best transmission CAT6 Full Copper Cable is recommended as below

Price per Meter | CAT6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) CCA Gigabit Network Cable

CAT6 Full Copper Ethernet Network Cable Recommended for max distances

Price per Meter | CAT 6 STP Pure Copper Gigabit Ethernet Cable

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