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Price per Meter | CAT 6 STP Pure Copper Gigabit Ethernet Cable


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Price per Meter – CAT6 STP Pure Copper Ethernet Cable (CAT6 solid core Cable) up to 1Gb/s

Full copper cabling has better transmission capabilities than CCA (Copper clad aluminium) cable and less signal attenuation. This cable has been tested up to 90m on HDMI Extenders supporting 720p/1080i installations and 50m 1080p installations. Since the cable is shielded it is ideal to install in industrial areas with high EMI interference and can run parallel near electrical cables.

CAT6 STP (Shielded with Braiding / Ripcord for grounding cable) are used for high bandwidth networks / up to 1Gbit/s (are backwards compatible to slower networks) and for use with any of our HDMI Extender over CAT5 / CAT6 / CAT7 products which uses up to 10.8Gbit/s bandwidth. Besides the foil shield, the twisting of the pairs and number of turns per inch causes RF shielding and protects from crosstalk. Cat 6 cable is rated for transmission frequencies of up to 550 MHz. For HDMI Extenders to use a higher color depth, higher bandwidth cables are required such as this cable to ensure best video/audio transmission, minimal signal attenuation and longer distances possible. This cable is full copper / solid core cabling inside to ensure best possible signal transfer and no other mixed materials are used on the wiring to ensure best signal transfer / quality and stability.

Specifications :

– STP Cable (Shielded Twisted Pair)
– Rated to 550MHz – Up to 1Gbit/s for Networking
– 4 Pairs of Solid 23 AWG Copper Conductors
– Riser Rated (CMR)
– Meets or exceeds all CAT6E standards
– Superior signal to noise ratio
– Excellent Attenuation and Crosstalk Characteristics
– Ultra smooth jacket that makes this cable easy to pull in tight spaces.
– Twisted pairs are brightly colored and distinguishable at a glance
– Whites are striped to match corresponding color pairs
– Comes standard with ripcord to assist in stripping PVC jacket
– Length incrementally marked on the cable so you always know how much is left
– Color: Grey

To terminate / crimp RJ45 connectors correctly onto UTP or STP cables use the Crimping Tool below.

Ratchet RJ45 Network Cable Crimper Tool – Supports RJ11 / RJ12 Combo Strip and Crimping

Shielded RJ45 connectors below can be used with this cable.

100 Pack RJ45 Shielded Connectors for CAT5e / CAT6 Network Cable incl 100 Boots

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