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Digital SATFinder | Dish Alignment Tool | Satellite Signal Finder


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Digital SATFinder | Dish Alignment Tool | Satellite Signal Finder

This Digital in-line signal strength meter is exactly what the DIY enthusiast needs to align any satellite dish for optimum reception. It can be used for both digital and analog reception.
This meter can save you a fortune when camping or at home when your dish needs re-alignment!!

The Satellite Finder has a blue back light to allow use at night.  The signal meter never needs to be recalibrated nor does it need complicated programming. It automatically recognizes the LNBF frequency and works with any C band, Ku band, or Ka band satellites. No need to input transponder frequency, symbol rate, or polarity.  Truly plug & play.

Specifications :

  • Frequency range : 950-2150MHz
  • Supply voltage : 13-18V DC
  • Input level range : -40dBm~ -10dBm
  • Operating temperature : 0-40
  • Impedance : 75Ω
  • Use LCD to display the satellite signal intensity
  • Built-in signal alert buzzer
  • With LCD backlight / buzzer and attenuation control function
  • DC pass to LNB
  • ATT increasing key. If the incoming signal is too strong, (the thermometer-scales shows max and the signal strength value shows 99) it can easily be attenuated by enabling this “attenuation” funtion, it reduces the incoming signal to a lower level. There are four step attenuation totally.

How to connect :

  • Connect a RG6u Coaxial Cable with Ftype Connector cable from the LNB to the “Satellite” port on the digital SATFINDER.
  • Connect the cable from your decoder / satellite receiver to the “Receiver” port on the digital SATFINDER.

Notice :

  • To avoid a continuous full scale reading, do not use the digital SATFINDER directly in front of the dish.
  • When using a LNB with gain higher than 60dB, insert a 5dB attenuator between the LNB/LNBF and the digital SATFINDER.
  • In case no satellite receiver is at hand a 13-18V DC power supply with F-connector can be connected on the “Receiver” side of the digital SATFINDER to power the SATFINDER.

Please see generic instructional videos below on how to use a satfinder:

Common products used with this satfinder:

Twist-On F Type / F Connector (Use with RG6U Coax cables)

Price Per Meter | RG6U Coax Cable | LNB Cable | CCTV Cable

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