Female BNC Crimp Connector


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Female BNC Crimp Connector

Female BNC crimp-on plug used on RG59 (CCTV / Coaxial Cable).

These BNC crimp on plugs can be used together with RG59 75 Ohm cable below to make up Serial digital interface (SDI) cable.

Price per Meter | RG59 Coax Cable | SDI & CCTV Cable

Serial digital interface (SDI) is a family of digital video interfaces, that require greater fidelity and resolution than standard HDTV can provide

All of our adapters feature high grade materials and quality connectors that provide secure connections.  Each of these are rated to smoothly transfer 75ohm signals.

Use the BNC Tool below to crimp these connectors to RG59 Cable

BNC Crimping Tool for BNC, SMA (for LMR Cable) and RG58,59,62,174 Connectors

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