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Female Dual Link DVI-A to VGA-HD15 Male Adapter


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Female Dual Link DVI-A to VGA-HD15 Male Adapter

Use this adapter to change your DVI-I connector to a regular VGA connector or to change VGA to DVI-A (For devices which can accept an analog DVI input using a DVI-I Connector).

Differences between DVI-D, DVI-A and DVI-I, Dual Link and Single Link DVI Video

Some video cards have a dual display capability. Use this adapter to allow dual display. You CANNOT use this adapter with a HDMI to DVI-D adapter to convert HDMI to VGA or visa versa since it is a digital to analog conversion and a powered converter must be used in this case such as the HDFURY / HDFURY2 or generic HDMI / DVI to VGA converter.

There are two types of DVI Connectors: DVI Analog and DVI Digital. If your DVI is digital, this DVI Adaptor will NOT work. Please check your DVI Pins carefully whether this DVI adaptor will fit in. See diagram below for the different types of DVI Connectors. This adapter uses a DVI-I Connector and the input / output pins of your devices should be the same as in the highlighted picture below.


DVI-D, DVI-I, DVI-A Connectors Difference

For example, if you have a ATI Radeon or Nvidia Dual Monitor PC graphics card, you can use this adapter to change one of your DVI connectors to a VGA connector to enable your Dual Monitor capability if the graphics card supports DVI-I output. It cannot be used on DVI-D only graphics cards.


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