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Female SMA to TS9 Router Antenna Adapter


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Female SMA to TS9 Router Antenna Adapter

Use this adapter to convert the antenna connector type on newer type internet routers from a TS9 connector to traditional SMA Connector type as used by the 4G Antenna’s below. The adapter works bi-directional.

A TS9-connector is a miniature version of a high-frequency connector. It is a 3.5 mm diameter pluggable connector, commonly used with various 3G and 4G modems.

Comparison of Router Antenna Connectors – Please check your Router or Antenna is compatible with adapter

Female SMA to TS9 Router Antenna Adapter

Common Products used with this adapter:

4G / LTE Outdoor Antenna 13dBi 600-2700Mhz – GSM,3G,HSDPA Cellular Outdoor Signal Booster

Dual Mimo 4G | LTE Indoor Antenna Signal Booster with 7m SMA Connector Cable | 4G Signal Amplifier

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