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HDMI Cable Tester for DIY Custom HDMI Cables / Professional Installations


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HDMI Cable Tester for DIY Custom HDMI Cables / Professional Installations

This HDMI tester is used to do fault finding on a HDMI cable and to see if crimping was done correctly on a HDMI cable or if pins is not connecting properly.

Product specification
  • On/off switch
  • Powered with a 9Volt Battery

Note!! Any length HDMI Copper cable can be tested by this HDMI Cable Tester whether wired with a 15 pin HDMI v1.3 spec or HDMI v2.1 or greather spec 19 pins. On HDMI Copper cables with Equalizers e.g > 20 Meter due to the design of equalizer and repeating of signal the HDMI pin tests will not pass on a working cable when tested. Fiber HDMI has a Fiber to Copper transceiver in the HDMI Head and due to a light signal that passes from one end to the other, Fiber HDMI Cables cannot be tested.

How to Assemble a HDMI Cable Instructional Video

To Crimp / Terminate Custom HDMI Cables use the HDMI Crimping Tool below

HDMI Crimping Tool + Guide Jig for Custom HDMI Cables / HDMI Cable Crimper


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