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Inline LNB Surge Protector for LNB / Suppressor / Coaxial Cable Spike Protection


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Inline LNB Surge Protector / Suppressor / Coaxial Cable Spike Protection / TV Signal Surge Protector for LNB or Multiswitch

This Surge Ender is ideal for protection from lightening for CATV converters, decoders, TVs, VCRs, Satellite receivers, or any other electronics use at home or office. Plugs directly into coax line. Protects CATV converters, decoders, SATV receivers, VCRs, TVs etc. from lightening strikes.

Inline Surge Protector Suppressor Spike Coaxial Cable Satellite TV Adapter LNB


·         F Male to F Female

·         Insertion loss: MAX-4.5dB

·         Return loss: 16dB typical

·         Normal resistance across coax: 10,000 mega ohms (104 MO)

·         Attack time: 100 nano seconds (10 -7SEC)

·         Max surge current: 5000A per 8/20 uS

Use high quality Surge Protection plugs on your equipment to ensure unstable power from electrical wall socket / electrical surges will have less chance of damaging your equipment. a UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is highly recommended in all areas of your home or business where LCD’s, players and HDMI Equipment is installed.

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