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TVLink Eye (TV IR Remote Blaster) for Explora or HDPVR with RF Ports

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TVLink Eye (TV IR Remote Blaster) for Explora or HDPVR with RF Ports to control from another room

TV Links are installed with DSTV SDPVR or HDPVR Decoders using your existing RF / Coaxial cable to control the PVR or decoder supporting TV Links from another room via the DSTV Remote. TV Links are powered from the decoder and does not require external power.

Please see the DSTV Installation Diagrams & User Bands page for more information on installation of DSTV Decoders and TV Links.

For Newer Decoders DSTV Explora 2 & 3 and newer and Single View Decoder 5s/6s and newer which does not have RF Ports you will need to use the RF TVLink Modulator with IR below to change channels from a remote location.

RF TVLink Modulator – AV to RF Converter with IR Extender

Decoders compatible with this TV Link product (All Decoders  are compatible with RF TVLink Modulator Above if your model is not listed below)
  • DSD 1131
  • DSD 1132
  • SD PVR
  • HD PVR 4 Tuner
  • HD PVR 2P
  • HD PVR 2U
  • Explora HD PVR
  • DSD 3U
  • DSD 4U

When a TV link is plugged in and it does not want to power-on or function properly, the steps below should be followed.

  • Press menu button
  • Select advanced option
  • Enter the pin 9949
  • Select equipment setup
  • Select no.3 on the menu (TV Link/Auxiliary)
  • There will be two options on/off, this option must be set to on.
  • This option has to be saved.
  • Press the ‘OK’ button to save this option.
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1 review for TVLink Eye (TV IR Remote Blaster) for Explora or HDPVR with RF Ports

  1. henk

    GREAT Quality !

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