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VGA to RCA / VGA to AV Converter (VGA device to Display with RCA inputs)


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VGA to RCA / VGA to AV Converter (VGA device to Display with RCA inputs)

Want to watch movies or recorded television programs on your computer on a normal Television with RCA/ Composite input ports? This converter will allow you connect your video source devices like Computer or DVR system to your Television with RCA/ Composite ports. Any source / player with a VGA output can be connected to be converted to RCA/ Composite and s-video. You can even keep your computer connected and just switch between inputs. Simple to use. Connection cables and AC power adapter are included.

The opposite converter (to connect a RCA / Composite device or player to VGA screen) is available below

RCA to VGA Converter / AV to VGA Converter (Connect standard AV / RCA player to VGA PC Screen)


● Convert and Downscale VGA to Composite (Yellow RCA / AV) signal
● 1 channel video output
● 1 channel S-video output
● 1 channel VGA signal input
● 1 channel VGA signal output
● DC-5V outside power supply
● Supports signal: VIDEO, S-VIDEO, CVBS, VGA
● Support system : PAL/NTSC Output
● Resolution: 800×600@60HZ,800×600@75HZ,1024×768@60HZ
● Dimentions : 10 x 6 x 3 cm (4.0 x 2.25 x 1.0 in.)
● Can adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation etc parameter
● Image freeze
● Save current work estate when the power cut
● Caption prompt in work estate

** NOTE!! – Composite / Yellow RCA has a limitation of 480 scanlines / 480i resolution (more or less equal to 640 x 480) which is a limitation by international specification and not a limitation of the converter. The converter will supply the max output of composite video available.

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