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Zigbee Wireless Door Contact Sensor | Sonoff


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Zigbee Wireless Door Contact Sensor | Sonoff

The Sonoff ZigBee Door Sensor is a  wireless door sensor that can be put on your door to tell you with an alert notification if your door  is opened or closed, or even when a door has been closed or open for a extended period of time, e.g door left open after 18h00 etc. This adds an extra layer of security to your home. It works with any door, window, fridge, freezer, caravan  door/window etc or anything that opens and closes. You can even install it on your cooler bag…

** Batteries Not Included : Requires a CR2032 Battery and batteries for Zigbee devices are rated 1 to 2 years based on motion activity

Zigbee and Usage:

  • Zigbee protocols are intended for embedded applications and devices requiring low power consumption and tolerating low data rates. The resulting network will use very little power—individual devices must have a battery life of at least two years to pass certification except for bridges which are powered from external power supplies. Door and motion sensors which will trigger lights or alarms mostly uses the Zigbee Protocol or RF 433Mhz for Communication.
  • According to the Zigbee spec, device range is 10-100 meters for open plan installations with no walls or obstacles in-between and no WIFI Interference. Ideally when walls in-between ZigBee devices and the Zigbee Bridge the bridge device needs to be placed within 10-15 meter radius of the Zigbee Motion Sensors and Door Sensors. Max Range of Zigbee devices will differ on each installation based on wall types, WIFI interference, line of sight, windows etc. Multiple Bridges can be installed at any location with 5v USB Power to ensure communication via Zigbee and WIFI are covered throughout the area needed.
  • Note!! ALL Devices that works with the Zigbee Protocol Requires a wifi-to-zigbee bridge to work such as the bridges below:

WIFI to Zigbee Bridge Pro | Eachen | Up to 128 Devices

Example Installation Diagram:

Zigbee Wireless Door Contact Sensor | Sonoff

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