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WIRELESS 200Mbps Fast Ethernet Network over Power Line Adapter | Tenda


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WIRELESS 200Mbps Fast Ethernet Network over Power Line Adapter | Tenda – Use your existing home 220v power cables as a data network

This is a single 200Mbps Wireless Network over Powerline Adapter to plugin into a normal 220v, 2pin plug and use your electrical cables inside your home or business as a network carrier for data or internet access from your PC’s/HDTV/Media Players etc. You will need a minimum of 2 adapters since 2nd adapter needs to be plugged into another socket somewhere in your home/business to a nearby PC or router etc. Devices nearby can also access the adapter via Wifi. The adapter then uses your existing 220v power cables as a network medium and CAT6 Networking cables does not need to be used between the adapters only from the adapter to PC/Router/Media Player a short uplink CAT cable is needed to the adapter.

P200W Powerline Wireless N300 Extender, uses the existing electrical wiring at your home to create a wireless network. It also extends your powerline network to every corner of your house without the mess of cables to ensure your wireless devices can access it.

These Network over Powerline adapters have been tested with the HDMI over Ethernet Network sets at HDBitT HDMI Over Network Transmitter & Network at HDBitT HDMI Over Network Receiver, set at MJPEG HDMI Over Network Transmitter & MJPEG HDMI Over Network Receiver and HDMI KVM Extender set over IP. Using the HDMI over Network items in this type of setup will effectively create an HDMI over Powerline solution and one Player / PC / Source can transmit via the Network over Powerline adapters to multiple displays / HDTV’s. This type of solution has been tested up to 70 meter over existing home / business power cables. Longer distances is possible but will be dependant on your home power cables quality and wiring at the DBBoard. If a UPS is used inbetween transmitter and receiver this solution will not work as the signal can only pass through electrical DBBoard and breakers and not via a UPS.

Review of Ethernet over Power Line Wireless Adapters and Instructional Setup Video

Compliant with Homeplug AV and IEEE802.11n standards, this powerline adapter transforms every electrical outlet into a high speed wireless network of up to 300Mbps to access computers, smartphones, game consoles and other WiFi-enabled devices throughout your home. No drilling, no wiring! With the this adapter, you can build your wireless network with minimum effort and cost. It can be cascaded / uplinked to existing standard network switches to enable more wired devices to be connected over powerline network.

Sample Diagram of Installation

WIRELESS 200Mbps Fast Ethernet Network over Power Line Adapter | Tenda

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